Cantilever Scaffolding

| What are Cantilever Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is usually erected from the ground vertically up to the point of access.  However, there are times where the point of access required is not directly above the base of the scaffolding.  In such cases, it is necessary to extend a working platform from the side of the scaffolding towards the access point.  This  is known as Cantilever Scaffolding.

However, Cantilever Scaffolding have the following issues:

  • When a working platform is extended outside one side of a tower, it cause the tower to lean towards that side. Therefore, it is necessary to place counterweights on the opposite side of the scaffolding to counter-balance the scaffolds.
  • For frame scaffolding towers, the frames are stacked on top of one another as they are erected upwards.  When a platform is extended from one side of the tower, the frame is lifted up from the joint on the opposite side.  Hence, we need to lock the frames securely to each other when erecting cantilever scaffolding.

Besides the cantilever platform, it is also necessary that the guard-rails, mid-rails and toe-boards are also extended accordingly in order to facilitate the protection of the workers working on the cantilever platform. The Safe Working Load of the Cantilever Platform is usually less than that of the scaffolding tower.  Therefore, it is important that the Safe Working Load of the Cantilever platform is indicated clearly on the platform.

The design of Cantilever scaffolding can be quite complex, and it is recommended that a PE (professional engineer) is consulted and approved of the design.  For example, the length of the Cantilever outreach and the required counterweights need to be calculated with a require safety factor.  In fact, in Singapore, PE Endorsement is required for cantilever scaffolds.

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