Scaffolding for Hotels & Shopping Centres


Singapore, a little red dot, but we have one of the world’s most number of hotels and shopping centres within close proximity of one another in the whole country.  In order to continue to attract more tourists and visitors to our country, we have to ensure that our hotels and shopping centres are kept in tip-top condition. Hence, Scaffolding for Hotels & Shopping Centres provides safe working platform for workers to carry out these works.

If you walk around, you would have noticed that you would hardly see any of our hotels and shopping centres having bad paintwork, old façade or blown lights. All thanks to the hardworking team of maintenance staff at work who uses our Scaffolding for Hotels & Shopping Centres.

These Scaffolding for Hotels & Shopping Centres are usually erected at night and dismantled in the morning.  Hence, while most are asleep, tugging nicely in bed, we are one of those who are awake to ensure that we provide the best support to these maintenance staff to build a safe and sturdy structure for them to work on.


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