Mobile Scaffolds

| What are Mobile Scaffolds?

Mobile Scaffolds (also known as Mobile Towers) are scaffolding towers mounted on castors and the whole tower can be shifted to different locations.  Hence, there is much cost savings when using a Mobile Scaffolds compared to having scaffolding erected for the whole area.  For example, it is definitely much cheaper to deploy a mobile tower to change all the lights or install sprinklers instead of erecting scaffolding along a corridor.

However, there are certain limitations of Mobile Towers can be used.

  • Mobile Tower can only be pushed around on a flat and firm surface area.  Mobile Scaffolds should not be used on a slope, near stairs or on soft ground like grass patches.
  • The height of the Mobile Scaffolds must not be too high. Sometimes, it is be necessary to increase the foot print of the mobile scaffolds by coupling 2 towers together to maintain the base to height ratio.
  • Mobile Towers built with steel scaffolds may be too heavy to be manually push around if the scaffolds are relatively high or large. Mobile Towers are ideally built with Aluminium Scaffolding materials for quick deployment and re-deployment.

As mobile towers are independent scaffold tower, it is necessary to follow the required erection methods and recommended bracing.  Base-to-Height Ratio must also be strictly adhered to.

It is also important that the users are trained on how to shift the Scaffolds.  For example, no man, materials and tools must be on the scaffolds during shifting.  After shifting, users must ensure that all the castors are locked and the outriggers are firmly in place before the workers climb up to the working platforms of the scaffolds. In circumstances where there are a lot of shifting, it is more efficient to use mobile outriggers. 

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