Scaffold Tower

| What is a Scaffold Tower?

A Scaffold Tower is usually an independent tower or a few towers coupled together to form a bigger tower.  These towers can be free standing or stabilized with all tie-backs to a permanent structure.  They can also be bolted to a wall (known as wall-ties).

Scaffolding can either be erected for the whole area, around the perimeter of a building or as a single scaffold tower. When erected for the whole area, scaffolding can be used as support for formwork for the upper floor during construction of a building. However, please note that the Safe Working Load and distance between each supporting Scaffold Tower have to be strictly followed.

Scaffolding may also be erected on the external perimeter of a building to facilitate façade repair, maintenance and even for installation of wall claddings.  These can be erected from the around or on support brackets from the second floor in order not to cause any obstruction on the ground.

Free standing independent Scaffold Towers are used in situations where there is no permanent structure to tie back to.  In such circumstance, it is necessary to ensure that the min. base to height ratio is followed.  This ratio is usually 3 is to 1, measured on the shorter side of the tower.  It is also important that the tower is braced properly on 2 perpendicular sides to prevent any twisting effect.

For example, if the length of the scaffolds is 2m and the width is 1.5m, the maximum height the scaffold tower can be erected is 1.5m xx 3 = 4.5m high.  The dimensions of the base of the scaffold tower can be increase by either providing outriggers or using supporting towers.


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