Suspended Scaffolding

| What are Suspended Scaffolding?

Suspended Scaffolds are working platforms with a cage suspended by wire-ropes other non-rigid means, from an overhead structure.  They are also commonly known as Gondolas.  In this context, Suspended Scaffolds are NOT the common type of scaffolding erected from the ground and most scaffolding contractors do not supply Gondolas.

However, we also use the term “Suspended Scaffolds”  to describe scaffolding suspended from a bridge or edge of a building to provide a working platform for workers to work underneath.  This is useful in the following situations:

  1. The access area is too high above ground level, for example signboards at the top of very tall buildings
  2. Above areas where it is not possible to erect scaffolds, for example, underneath a bridge over a river

A PE (Professional Engineer) is required to specially design and endorse these types of Suspended Scaffolds We recommend that Light Alloy Aluminium Scaffolding materials are used for the construction of such scaffolding configuration.  This is because the weight of the scaffolds components affects the safe working load of these Suspended Scaffolds.  In addition, it is also advantageous to have a scaffolding system to be assembled together without any tools or minimal tools, for example, self-locking braces and integrated interlock clips between frames.

It is also necessary to have a detailed understanding of the site surroundings and the strength of the structure supporting the suspended scaffolding.  Hence a site survey is critical, to plan the transfer of scaffolding materials to the site and the erection method, as initial access will be difficult without any scaffolds.

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